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Facial Services

Bringing a little bit of relaxation to our treatment rooms!


Facials at Mountain West Dermatology Aesthetics are personalized to each individual client and their skin’s needs. Whether your skin concerns are dehydration, acne, signs of aging or pigmentation, all concerns will be addressed with expert knowledge. Our skin care experts at MWDA will tailor your facial to your needs. 


Professional facials are custom-designed to provide just the right care for a specific skin type. Our facial treatments will help to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate skin while preventing blemishes, so as to improve softness and appearance. After your facial, your skin care expert will also take time to guide you through your skin care journey and make recommendations and answer any skin care questions you may have.


Choose a facial treatment to restore your individual skin to its natural glowing state of health. Mountain West Dermatology Aesthetics offers seasonal "mask of the month" that change monthly. Be sure to ask your esthetician about what is available for your next visit.

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~ Facial Menu ~ 

Express Facial ($75)

30-45 minutes

Express facial is a quick facial regimen for on-the-go individuals who can only spare a few minutes to get that instant glow. This express facial includes an enzyme, "mask of the month," cleanse, exfoliant, décolleté massage and moisturizer and SPF. Talk to your skin-care specialist to add extractions for an extra charge.

Schedule your Express Facial with Danielle L.E. or Claudia L.E. 


Customized Facial ($90)

50-60 minutes

This customized facial treatment includes deep cleansing the skin with 2 enzymes, a “mask-of-the-month,” (these masks will vary each month/season), 2 cleanses, exfoliation, décolleté and upper arm massage, moisturizer, and SPF. You can add on services to this facial too for a more personalized experience. Talk to your skin-care specialist to add extractions for an extra charge.

Schedule your Customized Facial with Danielle L.E. or Claudia L.E.

European Facial ($150)
60-75 minutes
Time to relax! There is nothing like getting pampered and improving the health of your skin at the same time. European facial is approximately an hour-long spa procedure that focuses on gentle cleansing and exfoliation of your face and neck. Our specialist will begin by analyzing your skin under a magnifying glass. This unbelievably relaxing and refreshing experience includes 2 enzyme masks, the “mask-of-the-month” (the masks will vary each month/season), facial steaming, 2 cleanses, and massage. This facial will include a décolleté, arms, hands, feet or scalp massage for added relaxation benefits. We finish off your relaxing experience with moisturizer, SPF and a lip balm.
Talk to your skin-care specialist to add extractions for an extra charge. 

Schedule your European Facial with Claudia L.E. 

Back Treatment ($180)

Thinking about getting a facial? When considering skincare and treatments, naturally, areas like your face and décolleté come to mind, leaving you to neglect other areas of your body, like your back. A back facial is exactly what it sounds like, a skin treatment specifically formulated for your back; also known as a “bacial”. Back facials utilize many of the same techniques used in facials. Your esthetician will analyze your skin to determine skin type, skin conditions, review concerns, and suggest the best plan for your back facial. Your specialist will begin with a steaming session designed to open the pores and enhance the more relaxing components of the treatment. Cleansing with steam helps to soften and prep the skin, removing oil, dirt, and debris from the surface. The treatment will help address those tough-to-reach spots, targeting clogged pores, back acne and dehydrated skin. A double cleanse, scrub, enzyme, and massage is included. A shoulders and neck, arms, hands, feet or scalp massage is added for relaxation benefits. Your skin will be left feeling soft, clean, and hydrated.
While the frequency can vary based on individual needs, our specialists recommend getting a back facial every 4 to 8 weeks, especially if you're dealing with specific concerns like back acne or skin congestion. Your specialist will give you guidance on frequency to meet your skin needs.
A back treatment is particularly fitting during the warmer months when you may be wearing a bathing suit, backless dresses for a special occasion or you want to flaunt your favorite halter. Your skin will be left glowing and healthy.
Talk to your skin-care specialist to add extractions for an extra charge. You can also pair this back treatment with an express facial for the ultimate health and rejuvenation of your skin.

Talk to your skin-care specialist to add extractions, microderm or microderm

infusion for an extra charge. 

Schedule your Back Treatment with Claudia L.E. 

Your specialist will also consider your skin type and give you helpful tips while educating you on how to target your specific skin concerns. So, on top of glowing complexion after your treatment, you’ll receive some guidance on how to take care of your skin to keep it healthy.

**Add on Services: Prices may increase with add on services 

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